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You deserved much better than the depressing 10 months of abandonment and isolation that was your life.

Your mother was too young and inexperienced to care for you. I’m very sorry that she was put into that situation. An 11 year old kid with 2 inbred pregnancies under her belt, unable to take up the responsibilities of raising her own children. I can’t blame her for what happened to you.

Keto, your father, is an teenage male with raging hormones and no outlets. He had nothing to do, no room to exercise, nothing to unleash his pent up frustration… Except his own niece. In the wild, young males will play and mate with each other until they are ready to breed, but Keto wasn’t given that opportunity. He was denied everything natural to him and was forced to inbreed. I can’t blame him for that.

You certainly did nothing wrong. It was not your fault that the staff of Loro Parque did not stop your mother’s uncle from mating with her multiple times. It was not your fault that, after your poor mother’s first calf, Adan, was born the staff still did not separate your mother and her uncle or put your mother on birth control. 

And it’s certainly not your fault that four related, unruly, children were knowingly sent to one tiny marine park on a breeding loan.

So, if I can’t blame you, and I can’t blame your mother, and I can’t blame Uncle Keto… With whom does the blame fall?

Oh… right. The humans who set the whole thing up.

Sea World knowingly sent 4 related adolescent orcas to one park with the specific intent to breed them.

Sea World, and Loro Parque for that matter, don’t care if their orcas inbreed. They don’t care if their orcas constantly abuse each other. They don’t care if a few die off here and there, because you know what? They can always milk a few more inbred calves out of Kohana before she dies. 

All they care about is making money and tricking the public into thinking that they genuinely care about ‘their’ animals and the environment.

Vicky, you were the product of carelessness and greed. I’m so sorry for what happened to you.

Rest in peace, baby girl.

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